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Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game

Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game
Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game

Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game

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Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game
Abyss Cave Free Download PC Game

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Abyss Cave is a top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You, as the player, must guide Niko through a mysterious world, utilizing items, characters, and the environment to progress. The life of a lost child and the fate of a steadily decaying world hang in balance… and not everyone is interested in preserving them.

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Background Story
Recently DarkStar Academy of Sciences discovered a colossal cave, they sent a number of researchers, but they lost all communications with them after entering the cave. To uncover the dark secrets of this huge cave, the Academy is putting together an elite squad to send into the Abyss, They are called Abyss Raiders. Each elite member will have access to drive a Drilling Truck Survivor designed by the academy. The Survivor has formidable self-repairing, extraction and production, and research and development ability. If in such danger or if unable to contact with the ground, the Survivors can also support their independent exploration and research underground. As expected, after entering the cave, they are disturbed by a strong energy. In a great shock, the members have fallen into a coma, and Drilling Trucks went out of control. You have managed to enter the deepest part of the cave, somewhere between tens of thousands of meters underground. But truck bodies are severely damaged that many functions can’t work normally…

At this moment, you hear hurried alarms in a trance…

As a member of an elite squad, you penetrate into an abyss myriametres deep, fighting against unknown creatures. Survive and explore this huge underground world.

In this game, you need to design and construct Turrets in real-time to defend against continuous attacks of your enemy. Meanwhile, you have a Robot Assistant who will assist you in fights, collect resources, and maintain Turrets. You can develop weapons, gears and Turret Units, and use various weapons and ammunitions to explore the vast underground cave and search for relics scattered around. Finally, find out this underworld world and escape from it.
Ore— Robot Zero enjoys the most sophisticated ore extraction device, which can extract elements of ores of exploitation value. In this underground cave, falling rocks are everywhere, many of them are ores of exploitation value. These ores are spilt into two kinds: metal ore and radioactive ore.
Metallic element and energy element can be extracted from them respectively.

Maintenance—The only way to get out of here and return to the ground is to fully repair Survivors. According to system detection, 8 parts are seriously damaged. In the maintenance system of the Control Center, these parts can be repaired in turn. The repairing is efficient and fully automatic, but must consume a large amount of resources.

Robot Zero. It is the only assistant you have to explore and survive here. Robot Zero has three work modes: Assistive combat, resource collection and turret maintenance. You can use 123 to switch its work mode. Meanwhile, Robot Zero owns an advanced self-repairing device, so it can repair itself after damaged.

Modular Automatic. It is a convenient and simple defense device. You can piece different modules together to make devices with different functions. As for Battle Turret, it must be equipped with weapons and ammunition boxes to function normally.

Abyss Cave offers the following:

  • Unusual gameplay features that go beyond the game window.
  • A haunting original soundtrack and artwork designed to match.
  • An introspection on the relationship between a game and its player.
  • An unfamiliar world to explore, a diverse cast of characters to meet, a touching story to remember, and a lingering feeling that you’re not getting the full story at all unless you know where to look.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The 4th wall is your enemy sometimes.
  • Consequences may be permanent.
  • If you want to find out the truth about the world, you can. It’s not necessary, but you can.

System Requirements:

There Are Some System Requirements To Play This Game Smoothly On Free Download Full Version.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or later.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core Or Higher.
  • Windows XP, 7, 8,10 or Higher.
  • RAM: 6 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible

How to Install Abyss Cave Game:

  1. Complete Download
  2. Extract.
  3. Don’t need Crack Abyss Cave
  4. Play game.
  5. Have fun ?

Abyss Cave Free Download Full PC Game

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