Umesatraa Academy [v0.6.6] BY B.August

B.August Games released a new game called Umesatraa Academy and the version is 0.6.6. The game’s story is about You set off to Umesatra Academy to get the training you need to become a real succubus. Something seems to be different with you. Turning other succubuses into your servants? Isn’t that forbidden? Well…Nobody needs to know until you rewrite the rules. But will it be that easy?​

Developer: B.August
File Size: 1.08 GB
Version: 0.6.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


This patch consists of a single event and is also the biggest patch so far. It contains more than twice as many words as the previous biggest patch. I apologize for the long wait, but I’m happy to present you with a patch I’m satisfied with. Thank you for your patience! If you encounter a bug in this patch, I would like you to contact me here or on Discord. I have tested it many times, but there is still the possibility that there is something I have missed.

Patreon Exclusive Content :

42,600+ words added.

Psyche Transfer:

  • The Intruder
  • Surprising Offer
  • Sudden Pinch
  • What’s Your Most Embarrassing Kink?
  • String Ballerina Puppet
  • Slippery Glove
  • That’s Not My Voice!
  • Oh! Not again!
  • Next Day Preparations
  • Hands Full of Mercy
  • Reaction of Formless Dough
  • Hidden Main Reason
  • Neon Pink Flamingo
  • Searching Amidst the Clamor
  • Kat Or Kaya
  • Automatic Updates Were Turned Off
  • The Worn Body That Paid the Price
  • Waking Up to the Wrong Day
  • Room Wrecking Rhyme
  • One Last Resort
  • In Search of You!
  • Serene Dance of Blue Wings
  • It’s Good to be Back

You can access this event on the Saturday after completing [Your Own Cell]. Also as usual, you can access the new content directly from the save files I’ve included.

Developer Notes:

If you encounter any bug, you can share with me on here or on Discord. I’d appreciate it if you could add the version you’re playing and a screenshot.

Pornstar Names:

  • Brittany Elizabeth
  • Milena Velba
  • Hitomi Tanaka
  • Latex Lucy
  • Summer Cummings

Photo Locations:

  • Your Room = 3 Photo
  • [[No Bra Club]]
  • [[Milena On The Desk]]
  • [[Hitomi Holding Tight]]
  • Bathroom = 3 Photo
  • [[Hottest Teacher]]
  • [[Toy Story Dream]]
  • [[Thigh High Socks Coffee]]
  • Corridor = 3 Photo
  • [[Tell Me The Truth!]]
  • [[After a Long Day]]
  • [[Deepest Cleavage]]
  • Hitomi’s Room = 3 Photo
  • [[Vintage Chilling]]
  • [[Ideal Dress]]
  • [[Missing Book]]
  • Dining Hall = 2 Photo
  • [[Happiness In The Kitchen]]
  • [[Seductive Glare]]
  • Classroom = 3 Photo
  • [[Resistance Band]]
  • [[Typewriter On Bed]]
  • [[Mask Under Mask]]
  • Jupiter Dormitory = 3 Photo
  • [[Camping with Milena]
  • [[She’s Tied Up!]]
  • [[Friendly Looking Summer]]

Game Images & Screenshots


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