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Spellgear Free Download PC Game

Spellgear Free Download PC Game

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Spellgear Free Download PC Game

Spellgear Free Download PC Game

Spellgear Free Download PC Game Information

SpellGear is an exciting action role-playing game with a unique combat system, an Open World, perilous Crusades, and engaging Arenas where players can test their mettle.

The battle system of SpellGear is “non-target”, which means the game doesn’t automatically target your enemies for you. You set the direction of your attack yourself, and a successful strike depends entirely on your accuracy and skills. Also the game implements somersaults, blocking moves, and the ability to repulse enemies, helping you avoid damage and survive the most difficult of combat situations.

Another distinguishing feature of the SpellGear combat system is how weapons and equipment don’t bind specifically to players. For example, say you’re playing a game as a melee fighter, and you suddenly regret that you don’t have a bow to nail that half-dead scoundrel trying to get away… But there’s someone right there who has a bow—ah, but they can’t give it to you as it’s bound to them. Instead of cursing your luck and arbitrary binding game traits, we allow you to not just replace and trade your weapons with other players, but you can even do it in the heat of combat! Not only that, but you’ll be able to gain more skills with a range of weapons, allowing for you to craft all manner of interesting character builds. We feel this “Unbound” mechanic really helps round out Spellgear, and it makes your game experience truly dynamic and as hardcore as you want it to be.

SpellGear also offers several kinds of arenas with a variety of gameplay. There are a number of modified MOBA arenas, such as Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. We also provide MOBA arenas with classic and awesome elements like Towers, Minions, and Bases. You can also dive into a more traditionally styled MMORPG Battleground Arena with up to 128 fellow gamers. Naturally, you can also get some for two or four player dueling arena time in!

The expansive open world of SpellGear is called “Astarma”, which is inhabited by many diverse creatures and denizens. Once you select one of several magically-inclined classes you can choose from, you’re ready to jump into this amazing world and start exploring. Astarma two large, fully fleshed-out islands, of which travel between them is through powerful portals created from eldritch sorcery. These lands are quite striking to travelers when they first arrive, and you can almost feel a gentle breeze on your face as you take in the peaceful beauty of Astarma…

But beware, Astarma is not nearly as safe and idyllic as it might initially seem! Since ancient times, these peaceful-looking lands have been torn asunder by a seemingly endless and bloody war between two rival Houses. Clashes can happen at any time and with great frequency as the entire world is open for PvP skirmishes. As a player, you won’t be able to stay on the sidelines—you’ll need to make a choice and pick a side. Until that point, though, new players can feel rather safe from members of the warring Houses. And for those who never want to pick a side, they’re welcome to take up the life of a freebooter—a mercenary—with all the consequences that come with that dangerous (but lucrative) decision. It’s important as a player to remember that choosing a House should happen after you’ve become acquainted with Astarma. Going through the main quest chain for the first level of battle ranking will greatly help you make the right decision for you.

SpellGear takes place in a world riddled with crusades, and exploring these treacherous places will gain you valuable rewards. Any loot that you don’t deem necessary for you own needs can always be sold at auction. Indeed, crusades will provide you a lot of danger, sure, but you can rake in a tidy in-game income along with treasures, items, and weapons for yourself.

When you have no more room in your bag to carry loots and other things, you will then be ready to move into your very own home. There you can store your hard-earned booty and relax. If you grow tired of playing the “regular” Spellgear, we’ve designed a PvP Hub where you can chat with your buddies, check in and dive into Arena brawls, or just go about your business with (almost) no fear of being killed.

Astarma is a world full of people, and so with SpellGear we encourage all players to play with friends. The game gives you the ability to form small groups or entire clans, and these teams of players may be actual friends or new and old friends who have met in-game. Each clan is, of course, honorably distinguished by their own unique name, motto, and coat-of-arms. You’ll find that joining a clan can be very useful for you; because besides allowing you to team up with friends, you’ll also receive certain features and benefits.

A virtual land of constantly bubbling and boiling action, SpellGear is a place chock full of in-game events that top leaders of the Houses regularly host. This is the part where we say “Well, what are you waiting for?”—Are you ready to choose your destiny?


  • Our unique and innovative combat system is non-target based, and you’ll have plenty or moves at your disposal, like dodges and special blocking maneuvers to counter damage;


  • We offer some wicked modes: MOBA, MOBA-style, Classic, and Duel. Each one of these modes has their own particular rules and tactics. Pick your poison and have at it!


  • You also get ability to use weapons and equipment of other classes. Choose a weapon and change skills in combat smoothly and with no worries;


  • Astarma is a beautiful and open world, complete with dynamic day and night cycles. There are plenty of quests to undertake, interesting characters to encounter, enemies to conquer, places to explore, mysteries to solve, etc. Or you could simply enjoy a pleasant sunset with some good company;


  • The main quest chain is specially designed to help you choose which House you’ll join (or if you’ll take the road less travelled and go Freebooter). In addition to all the quests you can take on, there will be various daily tasks to keep you busy, as well;


  • Spellgear’s system of battle ranks is the equivalent of a level in classic RPG games. Increase your rank and become stronger, faster– better;


  • PvP Hub! A special box is provided with the ability to check into Arenas, chat with friends (which is also possible outside of the hub), and lead your clan without having to enter into the open world;


  • Dungeons! For three, four, or five party-members with loads of loot and treasure awaits all comers. You can dungeon delve as a part of random or pre-assembled groups;


  • Auctions and a well developed in-game economy. There’s always an opportunity to earn extra money. Be an active part of Astarma’s economy;

Are you trying to download the Spellgear Game to free download in full version. Then you are going on the right path to get it. You can obtain all features related to Spellgear free download full version PC Game.

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Spellgear offers the following:

  • Unusual gameplay features that go beyond the game window.
  • A haunting original soundtrack and artwork designed to match.
  • An introspection on the relationship between a game and its player.
  • An unfamiliar world to explore, a diverse cast of characters to meet, a touching story to remember, and a lingering feeling that you’re not getting the full story at all unless you know where to look.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The 4th wall is your enemy sometimes.
  • Consequences may be permanent.
  • If you want to find out the truth about the world, you can. It’s not necessary, but you can.

System Requirements:

There Are Some System Requirements To Play This Game Smoothly On Free Download Full Version.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or later.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core Or Higher.
  • Windows XP, 7, 8,10 or Higher.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible

How to Install Spellgear Game:

  1. Complete Download
  2. Extract.
  3. Don’t need Crack Spellgear
  4. Play game.
  5. Have fun ?

Spellgear Free Download Full PC Game

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Spellgear Free Download PC Game

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