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NemesisGames released a new game called Nemesis Party: NTR, or NOT and the version is 0.06 Demo. The game’s story is about It’s Glendale High’s last house party of the summer, where you’ll either win over your long-time crush, Emma Winters, or lose her forever. The problem: your ex-girlfriend, Tara, will be there, and she’s out for revenge. You broke up with her, and now she’s trying to get every girl at the party, including Emma, to hook up with the school’s star basketball player – an old nemesis who is as cunning as he is tall, muscular, and hung.

Developer: Nemesis Games
File Size: 908.5 MB
Version: 0.06 Demo
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English



  • []Addition of main story scene at end of Turn 5 that hint at a character who will be arriving during Act II. []Added final touches on rumor system involving the ability to counter the Nemesis’s rumors about you.
  • []Added two new semi-erotic scenes (1 NTR, 1 Vanilla) []Added clickable doors to initiate scenes where characters are supposed to be in other parts of the house
  • []A new party home screen was introduced for Turn 5 and up – includes more personal items. []Small adjustments: removed some noise in renders, tweaked Emma being angry at you if you failed to convince her Benji is cheating, etc.
  • [*]Removed some accidental spoilers in the files

Gameplay Mechanics:

[]Free-roam: Exploration designed to be intuitive, quick, and fun. A help button is always available to indicate who can be clicked on. []Minimal grind: One score bar per character – you gain or lose “Nemesis Points” based on choices that make characters prefer you or your Nemesis.

[]Shop System: Influence characters by using ‘party favors’, a currency as rewarding to earn as it is to use. []Rumor System: Gameplay based on rumors “played” by either you or your Nemesis, that spread among characters to influence relationships, until they are countered by you or your Nemesis.

NTR is unavoidable because you can only “win” vanilla scenes with some—not all—of the female characters during a single play-through. The ones you neglect will succumb to your Nemesis. This cannot be changed even if you beg me – it is written into the title, story, and gameplay mechanics.

Game Screenshot:


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